Auckland’s premium provider of cosmetic medicine

Founded on the principles of health, beauty, and wellness, the clinic offers a professional selection of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Luxe Appearance is led by a qualified nurse with more than 25 years of extensive medical and appearance medicine experience.
Director Sarah, founded Luxe Appearance on the principle that beauty enhancement begins within. As a result, the clinic offers a comprehensive selection of treatments to enrich the natural beauty of every client.

Where Luxury Meets Results

The Team’s combined experience in appearance medicine, beauty and skin provides a well-rounded approach to the individual care of every client. Luxe Appearance aims to deliver a high level of customer service, aftercare and customised programs for each client. They believe in using appearance medicine to provide a natural enhancement, and combining specialised skin treatments to gain flawless skin. Each product that is brought into the salon is personally tested for its results and hence the results of clients.

The Luxe Appearance space has been designed as home away from home, a place of rest, relaxation but also one where the clients needs are heard. Not one client is the same, therefore each clients needs are customised.

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Director & Founder

Sarah boasts an extensive medical background, starting in intensive care nursing in both NZ and the UK. She completed her training in New Zealand appearance medicine in 2012 and in early 2017 completed further certification in the United States for appearance medicine. She holds advanced certifications in the US and NZ. Sarah has also been instrumental in launching 3D technology for facial reconstruction to NZ. Sarah is supported by Dr. Zachary Moaveni, a highly regarded plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Auckland. Her knowledge and experience, coupled with a passion for health, wellness, and beauty provides Luxe Appearance customers with a comprehensive journey of aesthetic enrichment and internal well-being.
Sarah is the proud Mum of twin girls and enjoys all aspects of health and fitness, which has included half marathons, triathlons and body sculpting.



Dermal Skin and IPL Specialist

My name is Ania and I have been a Beauty Therapist for over 20 years, with 6 years owing my own business.
I trained in NZ but recently returned from Sydney where I experience more working with skin dermal clinics.
I take pride in helping clients achieve optimal results with there skin and I am always  passionate in helping people feel confident in themselves.
I specialise in Dermal needling, IPL, Dermaplaning, Peels and Facials.
I love learning new skills that will broaden the experience that I am able to bring to my clients and enhance the services that I can offer through the business.



Nurse Injector

Kellie has been a Registered Nurse in NZ for almost 11 years. She completed a Bachelor of Health Science
(Nursing), and a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice. Kellie spent 8 years of her nursing career working in Emergency Medicine, before completing her training in Appearance Medicine in 2021.

Kellie has struggled personally with several significant skin issues, which therefore ignited her passion for helping people look and feel their best.
Kellie prides herself in acknowledging natural beauty, and uses her knowledge and skills in appearance medicine to enhance clients overall self confidence.
Kellie understands wholeheartedly the impact outwards appearance has on overall, and is very excited to assist clients on their own personal journey at Luxe Appearance.

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Qualified Beauty Therapist

Kim Wickstead, our newest addition to the Luxe team is a qualified Beauty Therapist with over 25 years working in the Beauty Industry within New Zealand.

Over this time she has continued to maintain and develop her professional skills maintaining relevancy enhancing skills as the industry and technology continually changes.

Having been a past business owner, Kim brings to her role extensive experience, knowledge and professionalism. Coupled with this she brings an unwavering focus on the customer experience, whether performing her favourite treatments such as IPl skin rejuvenation /hair removal treatments or the DMK enzyme treatments.

What I love about the Beauty Industry today and Luxe is how closely Dermal therapists are now working alongside Appearance Medicine practitioners to provide customers a complete solution to clients skin health needs as well as Anti-ageing solutions.

“I feel fortunate to still love what I do and to be working alongside such a talented and committed team of women! We complement each other with our various strengths and passions in the realm of skin health which means our clients are in the most capable hands!”


Jenna hosts an extensive background working in front of desk and admin roles. She loves making sure clients feel welcomed, and relaxed during their visit to the clinic. 

Her calm easy going positive nature is well appreciated by our clients. Jenna loves working in the aesthetics practice and has immersed herself in the field. Whether it is skincare, wellness products or new treatments, Jenna will be happy to tell your her favourites and the benefits associated with them! She is comfortable in reassuring clients about their up and coming treatments and has an in-depth industry knowledge.

Outside of work Jenna enjoys spending time with her two Pomeranians and studies business. 



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