Luxe Ultimate Skin Membership

Healthy, glowing skin is a goal for all our clients at Luxe Appearance. But it can be difficult to know which skin treatments to do, when to do them and how to fit them into your busy schedule. That’s where the Luxe Ultimate Skin Membership comes in!

$99.00 / month


Includes :

+ $120 Resurfacing peel​
+ 10% off on all Dermal Therapies (Dermal needling, DMK and peels)
+ 10% off on all skincare products
+ 10% off on all IPL treatments


Why do I need the Ultimate Skin Membership in my life?

To have the best possible skin condition, you need to have regular treatments that will promote skin cell turnover and induce your own collagen production. The combination of regular light resurfacing peels and microdermabrasion is ideal to create healthier glowing skin.

Our light Resurfacing Peels (Valued at $120) are a great way to encourage faster cell turnover, these peels have minimal downtime, and you can go about your normal life. They can also:

  • reduce pigmentation
  • reduce pore size
  • increase hydration
  • reduce acne breakouts
  • induce collagen stimulation

Celebrity Dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban says that peels can actually benefit everyone, no matter your particular skin concern. “Everyone can use faster skin-cell turnover and a more even skin texture. If your goal is fresh, smooth, glowing, youthful skin, peels should become an important pillar of your skincare regimen,” she says.

At Luxe Appearance we have 5 different types of peels to choose from, your Dermal Therapist will select the peel based on your skin care needs for the month. You are in completely safe hands with the best in class service and products.

Make yourself a priority and treat your skin to some love. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Ready to love your skin?



Weekly and Monthly Payment Plans Now Available.