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How to Slim and Contour Your Face With Dermal Fillers

Let’s talk about how to Slim and Contour Your Face With Dermal Fillers. Why does the face lose contours as we age? Unfortunately, it can seem like our features are “shifting” as we age. It can be startling to see the features that you’ve known all your life begin to look different when you glance in the mirror.

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How Do We Decide or Measure the Perfect Lips

Perfect lips, according to da Vinci are 1:1.6 meaning your bottom lip is .6 bigger than your top lip. Everyone has very different lip shape and other people may have a more defined cupid’s bow. The art of perfect lips comes from the artist, the injector.
Having lip fillers is always a hot topic!

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The Ultra Former Is Here!

Facial Packages and Body Sculpting packages available