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Treatment of sagginess traditionally required a surgical facelift, which has a significant amount of downtime and potential for scars. With the development of new technology, improving sagginess can be done with long duration injectables. Addressing the attribute of sagginess in the face with injectables enhances positive attributes such as looking younger, more feminine and slimmer.
For many people, the ageing process can cause the lower half of the face to appear like it has sagging skin, making people feel older than they really are. Saggy skin can occur anywhere on the face but is most common around the jowl line, chin and neck areas. It is a common problem for men and women of all ages, although more women seem to be affected by the problem than men. Smoking, food habits, genetics, and sun damage impact sagging skin and can make it worse for many people. If sagging skin is a concern to you, dermal fillers may offer a solution that helps regain the youthful appearance that you miss. Thousands of people use this non-invasive cosmetic treatment every year, instantly getting dramatic results that lift their confidence and make them feel more attractive.

Dermal fillers, you say?

FDA-approved and safe for most healthy adults, dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected into the soft tissues of the face to increase collagen production and the volume in the skin. Fillers eliminate the need for risky cosmetic surgery and is priced at a fraction of the cost.
Dermal fillers treat wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin anywhere on the face. Treating sagging skin in the lower face is often approached by treating the upper face first. For example, using a Total Face approach (Dr De Maios approach), the cheeks are treated with dermal filler which has an impact on the lower face by lifting. Dermal fillers offer long-lasting results after just one treatment, the results are instant and the skin is plump, hydrated, and firmer than when you walked in the door.
For most people, fillers offer 6-18-months of smooth, wrinkle-free, and non-saggy skin. Many factors determine the longevity of the treatment, including the area injected, the amount, and the type of filler used.

How dermal fillers help loss of volume

We lose about 2% collagen every year starting at around age 25. The ageing process is none-too-kind to the skin, as this collagen loss results in reduced firmness and elasticity. The fat pads of the skin lose their volume which ultimately impacts our face shape and face contour. Many people notice sagging skin in what seems like an overnight appearance on their face, although the collagen and fat pad loss actually happens over the course of months and years. Dermal fillers assist in the regeneration of collagen production and restore volume loss in the skin, instantly re-sculpting the face back to its youthful appearance.

Types of dermal fillers

BoleteroRestylane and Juvederm are the three most popular dermal fillers used for saggy skin. These FDA-approved injectables are made up of cross linked hyaluronic acid which aid in restoring facial volume, smoothing the facial appearance and improving overall youthfulness. All three dermal fillers can enhance the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, which reduces wrinkles and sculpts various facial features.
There are different concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) available within the three ranges. The make up and different concentrations of HA in each filler determine where the filler is best used in the face and also the length of time they last for. Dermal fillers that are used in the cheeks are volumising fillers and help to lift and project, these are not often used in the lips due to their makeup.
Dermal fillers are injected under the skin into the soft tissues, depending on the area of injection. The depth of the injection also varies depending on the location and severity of the wrinkles/lines being treated. Although most patients find successful results with only one treatment, multiple treatments over the course of 6 months are necessary to achieve the desired result.
In all, the procedure takes 45-minutes to 1 hour to complete, after which time you’re free to resume most normal activities. Swelling and bruising are normal side effects and typically resolve shortly after the procedure.
Are Dermal Fillers Right for You?

Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their skin due to sagging can benefit from dermal fillers. The inexpensive injectable treatment works as well as a surgical treatment without the same risks or costs. Dermal fillers may take years from your appearance after just one treatment. Schedule a consultation with the Dermal Filler Specialists at Luxe Appearance to learn more about dermal fillers, the pros and cons of fillers, and if the treatment is your key to non-sagging skin and a youthful appearance.

Boletero Balance

Boletero Balance is typically used for people who want their fine lines treated and want to add a bit more hydration into their lips. It is also a commonly used filler in the tear trough, as well as Juvéderm Volbella. Boletero Balance is an amazing beginner filler product for people who haven’t had filler in their lips before and are uncertain. It is probably one of the best fillers for treating along the lip boarder to reduce any fine lines that go from the upper part of the lip to the lip itself. It is a beautiful filler to use and one that we use often here at Luxe Appearance.

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what look works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team using the button below.

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