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Look Less saggy using dermal fillers
Dermal Filler

Look Less Saggy Using Dermal Filler

How to Look Less Saggy Using Dermal Filler. Unlocking the messages of the Face. Treatment of sagginess traditionally required a surgical facelift, which has a …

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DMk Rosacea treatment face Auckland

Rosacea Rumours and Remedies

Rosacea is one of the most common inflammatory skin conditions. Affecting many men and women worldwide on a daily basis. So it’s about time we …

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What is dermal needeling
Acne Treatments

What is Dermal Needling?

Dermal needling is a micro needling treatment that can treat many different skin concerns and conditions. This treatment is very quick, as the Dermapen 4 …

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Dissolving Dermal Filler

Dissolving Dermal Filler – what does that mean?

Dissolving Dermal Filler – what does that mean? At Luxe Appearance we often have first time clients come in who are very nervous about having …

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Understanding dermal filler thumb

Understanding Dermal Fillers – Are They Something To Be Scared Of?

Understanding dermal fillers — a little knowledge can go a long way to reduce the scare factor. Okay, more and more people are benefiting from …

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Digestive Health

How does your Digestive Health affect your skin?

Do you experience acne, eczema, dry skin, facial redness, psoriasis and/ or rosacea? These skin conditions are affected by your digestive system, poor gut health …

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Thinning Hair Solution

Thinning Hair Solutions Do Exist with PRP Treatment

Thinning hair solutions do work, With Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. There’s not much advice out there for thinning hair. Many women and men may find …

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8 Point Lift Lip
Lip Enhancement

8 Point Lip Lift – Learn What It Means and How It Helps Facial Symmetry

8 Point Lift Lip You’ve heard about it, but your not sure what it all means? A smile can say a thousand words and fuller …

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ning Dermal Filler and DMK Enzyme Therapy

8 Point Liquid Facelift – Is this Customised Treatment Right for Me?

8 Point Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical procedure using dermal fillers at certain points around the face. Using the dermal filler at these points provides …

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Winter Skin Survival Guide

Winter Skin Survival Guide – Helps Make Winter Beautiful

Winter Skin Survival Guide is all you need to get your glow on despite the chill of  winter. No doubt you are feeling the Winter …

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Anti-wrinkle injections

Facial Sculpturing with Dermal Filler for Men, the Lowdown

Facial sculpturing is growing in popularity with men. Men are wanting a more masculine look, and this is the lowdown on how they are doing …

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Belkyra Double Chin Reduction Auckland

Double Chin Treatment – Bye Bye Chinny Chin with Belkyra

Double chin treatment is worth considering with Belkyra. We are hazarding a guess…your not a fan of your double chin? I don’t think I have …

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