Belotero Revive 

Revive Your Dreams of Youthful, Hydrated Skin


Recognizing the significance of skin health and the role moisture plays in its maintenance is crucial. However, our lifestyles and the environment conspire to deplete our skin, robbing it of its natural vitality. What’s required is an injectable treatment that addresses this issue by focusing on hydration and rejuvenation, rather than merely adding volume. Unlike topical solutions, the injectable form ensures precise distribution, reaching multiple layers of the skin for a personalized approach to each patient.

Introducing BELOTERO® Revive, the latest addition to the BELOTERO® portfolio of fillers designed to revitalize facial skin showing early signs of photodamage. This injectable, resorbable hyaluronic acid, works to rehydrate the skin, enhance elasticity and firmness, and diminish superficial fine lines by smoothing skin roughness.

What does Belotero Revive Do?


  • Rehydrates Dry Skin
  • Improves Elasticity
  • Reduces Skin Pigmentation
  • Reduces Redness
  • Promotes Firmer Skin
  • Smooths Superficial Fine Lines
  • Reduces Skin Roughness and Creates a Softer Texture
  • Helps Sun Damaged Skin

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