Dark circles — Are you tired of them?

How to get rid of/or reduce dark circles


As cliche as it is, most of us that have dark circles are tired of them. We simply want to reduce them or get rid of them. Having tried every regime known to woman or man, from cold cucumber rounds, to cabbage leaves, to potatoes, there are plenty of home cures that people swear by; yet, you still have dark circles, that no amount of sleep seems to take away either. Lets take a close look at some of tried and true remedies that actually do work.

Dark circles – what causes them?

Simply put, dark circles are a result of the thin layer of skin below your eyes showing the blood vessels and the blood they contain more clearly than anywhere else on your body. (For reference, this skin around your eyelids, called periorbital skin, is on average about 0.5 mm thick compared to an average of about 2 mm thick on most of the rest of your body.)

Another thing that can cause dark circles beneath the eyes is something known as periorbital hyperpigmentation, which is basically a condition that results in more melanin being produced by the skin below the eyes, resulting in it appearing to be a darker colour. This is mostly a condition that affects (or is at least more noticeable in) darker skinned people.


If your parents had dark circles then it’s likely you will too. Depending on your global heritage it may be caused by pigmentation under the eye.

Face shape and ageing

Some people with high cheekbones or large eyes can look like they have dark circles simply because of the hollows under their eyes. This can be because of a lack of collagen or simply a shadow under their eyes.

Sun damage

The sun does not brighten dark circles, it will definitely make them worse. The sun can actually make the skin under your eyes darker. The skin under eyes is so thin that the blood vessels show up due to the reflection of light off the skin and the vessel.

How do we fix them?

Wear SPF
Wearing SPF daily is essential for maintaining your skin, dark circles or not. The sun’s UV rays are very harmful to your skin and will cause premature ageing, pigmentation and will make scars and imperfections darker. Wear a minimum of SPF 30 (we recommend 50) daily all year round.

Add eye cream
The eyes are typically the first areas to age and just a small dip of the eyebrow can age us about 10 years! There are two formulations from Skin Medica- The TNS illuminating cream-this is a light weight cream with 10% growth factors (TNS), and Boron Nitride. The Boron Nitride optimises the optical diffusion effect of light, which lessens the visibility of dark circles and discolorations. Skin Medica also has TNS eye repair cream, this is designed for older eyes as it has a higher lipid base, its also has 10% TNS which works to improve fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles and hydrate the fragile skin around the eyes. There is a host of other ingredients along with the optical diffuses that work together to get the most benefit out of these creams. They are available with a free consultation only and work even better if you are already on a good skin health regime.

Under eye dermal filler
Depending on what is causing your dark circles, under eye filler into the tear trough area can help fill the area and reduce its sunken appearance. By using either Juvederm or Restylane Filler under the eye this can fill out the hollows that are actually causing the dark circles. This can be discussed at a consultation to see if it is the right treatment for you.

Skin brightening formulations for pigmentation
Treatments using the Lytera Brightening system by Skin Medica is proven to reduce the issues with pigmentation and give an overall healthier glow. Healthier skin is also less likely to get dark circles. Micro-needling treatments could also be of use to thicken the skin under the eyes and create a more even skin texture.


PRP is a natural treatment using your body’s own platelets, and is proven to be very helpful in improving the skin texture and increasing the collagen production.

Do you suffer from Panda Eyes or Dark Circles? Contact us now for a consultation to see what treatment is right for you!

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team.

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