The top 10 Botox® myths debunked

Here is the inside scoop on everything you need to know about the types of Lip Filler we offer here at Luxe Appearance. If it’s time for you to come out from behind the mask and get the lips of your dreams, keep reading!

We often get asked about lip fillers and what type of lip filler will work best for you. Everyone has different requirements and different preferences when it comes to their aesthetic profile. Don’t want that duck like look? Want a more balanced and even look? Maybe you want a volumised plumper lip or even just a more hydrated look. Let’s run through the different types of filler and answer the most common questions about lip filler and the results they achieve here at luxe appearance!

Botox myths have the power to keep you from trying this amazing treatment. So let’s clear these up by checking your knowledge about Botox here.

While staying young and beautiful is in everyone’s to-do list, especially the ladies, reality sinks in as we look into the mirror and find those uncanny lines on our forehead and crow’s feet around our eyes. In this day of age where Aesthetic Medicine is becoming a norm, many are turning to Botox® to erase those lines. How much do you know about Botox. Check out the facts below to understand this treatment more.

FACT: Botox has a long and well-established safety history. While you may know Botox Cosmetic as a wrinkle treatment, it has actually been in use for over 18 years for the effective treatment of a range of medical conditions and is one of the most widely researched medicines in the world. It is reassuring to know that Botox is the most popular physician-administered cosmetic treatment in North America with an estimated 16 million treatments performed since it was first approved. In addition, it has received a 97% satisfaction rating among users.

FACT: Frozen or expressionless look is usually a result of more Botox in one specific area. An injector will be able to advise you on how many units of Botox are required so that you will have a natural look and not frozen. It is also highly dependent on what look you want to achieve, some clients like a more frozen look while others don’t. Be sure to talk to an aesthetic practitioner about what you want to achieve. Botox reduces muscle activity but does not radically change it.

FACT: There are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles developed from facial muscular movement and static wrinkles that are a result of ageing and sun exposure. Botox treats dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscle thus improving the appearance of these wrinkles. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, do not respond to Botox. Treatment of static wrinkles may require a combination of other aesthetic treatment, such as dermal fillers, threading, laser therapy or chemical peeling.

FACT: Botox will prevent your wrinkles from worsening when you keep up with your treatments. If you decide to stop having Botox treatments, you will slowly lose the muscle relaxing effect of Botox and will resume the normal development of wrinkles with facial movement. Botox will not worsen wrinkles formation but instead wrinkles will slowly return to how they were initially, prior to treatment.

FACT: Botox treatments are often referred to as the “lunchtime procedure” because it’s quick and there is little to no downtime. The needles are very fine, which means that you would only feel a very slight sting during the injection. A numbing anaesthetic cream can be applied beforehand if necessary, the procedure is almost painless.

FACT: No addictive properties are reported to be in a Botox solution, thus there is no potential to make an individual physically addicted to the drug. People become dependent on cosmetic results of a Botox injection because it makes them look younger and fresher.

FACT: Botox is a purified protein complex derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin. Botox itself will not cause any infection in the body. It will not travel throughout the body, as it clots locally at the site of injection.

FACT: Botox isn’t permanent. Its results typically last between 3-6 months.

FACT: Botox has received approval to treat a range of medical conditions that includes strabismus, eyelid muscle spasms, chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, excessive underarm sweating, and limb spasticity.

FACT: Botox works by temporarily blocking nerve signals that cause muscle contractions. Generally, it starts working within 1-3 days post injection, and it takes 7-12 days to see maximum results.

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what look works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team using the button below.

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Botox Myths Debunked

Here is the inside scoop on everything you need to know about the types of Lip Filler we offer here at Luxe Appearance. If it’s time for you to come out from behind the mask and get the lips of your dreams, keep reading!

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