1 ml of dermal filler – How small measures go a long way

Measuring one milliliter may seem overly stringent but it is critical in the world of dermal filler. At Luxe Appearance we are commonly asked how much is 1ml? Or, what do you charge for 1ml of filler?

The art of measuring 1 ml of dermal filler is not what you might think

For starters, if we were to add one ml of filler to your face or your lips, you are not going to look like a social media star on steroids. To do the math, 1ml equals about 1/5 of a teaspoon. Therefore, 5mls equals 1 teaspoon of dermal filler.

Another consideration is that we don’t often inject 5mls of dermal filler in one sitting. Usually, it requires a series of appointments.

Furthermore, the other aspect to address here is the different types of filler. Different types of filler are used for different areas of the face and different outcomes. For example, a soft dermal filler like Boletero balance can be used in the lips and tear troughs. However, it has very little impact used in the cheeks.

Finally, the third point. What is it made of and how long will it last? I will address all points in the following.

Dermal fillers are all different when measuring 1 milliliter

Every dermal filler on the market comes with its own rheology, otherwise known as its own personality. In fact, not one filler is the same.  Just like your favourite shoe designer, not one shoe is the same as the other. They all have different fits, comfort, and material. As a result, they are all very different to wear. Also, not all dermal fillers react the same with every person. Therefore, it’s never a one size fits all process.

How your body influences fillers

Rheology is the study of the physical characteristics that influence the way materials behave when subject to deforming forces. Once injected, fillers are subject to shearing, vertical compression and stretch from muscle movements, compression, and gravity. It is our role as practitioners to understand the way fillers will behave when injected into a particular area or layer of the skin and to choose the most appropriate dermal filler to achieve the desired aesthetic result. Fillers used to treat different parts of the face have very different desirable qualities.

For example, when treating the deep sub-dermal layers of the cheeks, it is important that the filler gives good volume and projection without spreading too easily through the tissues. Conversely, when injecting into superficial dermal layers, it is important that fillers can easily spread through the tight connective tissue in order to sit smoothly in the upper layers of the skin. A number of factors affect the physical characteristics of HA dermal fillers (Aesthetics

The benefits of naturally occurring fillers

All of our Luxe Appearance dermal fillers have varying concentrations of hyaluronic acid. Plus, all contain lidocaine and assist with comfort control. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance that delivers nutrients to the skin, helping the skin retain moisture and softness and adding volume.

Some examples of dermal filler

Juvederm Ultra XC/Plus commonly used in the lips, around the mouth, N/L folds and Marrionette lines-it is designed to plump and softly fill-24mg/ml of HA.
Juvderm Voluma commonly used in the cheek, jaw and chin and designed to restore volume to the face – 20mg/ml of crosslinked filler, this not a filler I would use in area such as the lips, as they would end up being very hard, and wouldn’t move like normal lips move.
Boletero Balance, commonly used for tear troughs and lips, is very soft and has 30mg/ml of cross linked filler.
Restylane Lyft aimed at providing a lift to areas like the cheeks, can be used in the temples, jaw and chin as well, this has 20mg/ml of nasha technology.

The look you want and what filler gives it

This is where sometimes it gets tricky, what you want and what can be achieved are two different things, and this depends on a number of factors.
For the purpose of easy demonstration, we will use the lips: If you are wanting a more defined look to your lips with some hydration, then we would focus on aspects of the lips such as the vermilion border, philtrum columns, and oral commissures. If it is size and pout, then we would focus on the tubercles. Bearing this in mind, everyone has differently shaped lips, hence the outcome varies from person to person. 1ml of filler gives a very subtle soft enhancement, 2mls gives a more volumized look for some and a ducky look for others depending on type of filler injected. It’s important to recognise also that over filling a lip can lead to life changing complications if something does go wrong. It is always better to be less is more than risk putting too much product in.

Measuring one ml of dermal filler | How long will it last?

This a really good question. The longevity of the type of filler creates its category. For example, a softer filler will not last as long as the more firm fillers. Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft last approximately 18 months to two years. On the other hand, Juvederm Ultra for lips lasts six to nine months. From there it varies further depending on the metabolic rate of each individual, naturally, if you have a higher metabolic rate there is a chance that shorter lasting fillers may not actually last nine months.

To summarise, one ml of dermal filler is not 1ml unless you actually find out the finer details. These finer details include the type of filler used, the concentration of HA, and the crosslinking. It also includes the placement of filler by the practitioner, the volume of filler, and the quality of filler. These all play a significant role in results. Have a thorough discussion with your practitioner before you treatment and remember fillers cost different amounts based on the job they do, and their longevity. At Luxe Appearance, we build our reputation on providing our clients with gorgeous yet subtle results, education, and a safe environment to be themselves.

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what look works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team using the button below.

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