What’s the Distinction Between Lip Flip and Lip Filler?


A Comprehensive Guide by Luxe Appearance

If you’ve been pondering the idea of transforming your lips to get that perfect pout, you’ve probably come across the terms “Lip Flip” and “Lip Filler”. Both treatments aim to enhance the natural beauty of your lips, but how do they differ? In this guide, Luxe Appearance dissects the unique aspects of each treatment to help you make an informed decision.

The Tale of Ageing Lips

With age and environmental factors such as sun exposure, lips can lose their youthful volume and start developing fine lines around the mouth area. Dermal fillers can be a fantastic solution to add that missing fullness back to your lips and address minor imperfections.

Introducing the “Lip Flip”

Contrary to popular slang, the term “Lip Flip” refers to injecting muscle relaxants like Botox® or Dyspot® into the upper lip area. By minimizing muscle movement, this treatment allows the lip to ‘flip’ upward, creating a fuller upper lip without adding volume. The “Lip Flip” is best for those looking for subtle changes to their lip’s natural shape.

Unpacking “Lip Filler”

In contrast, “Lip Filler” involves injecting hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, such as Juvederm®, into the lips. This procedure adds volume and can even smooth out wrinkles around the mouth. At Luxe Appearance, we make this experience as comfortable as possible with the inclusion of lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, in our filler formula.

Pros and Cons of the “Lip Flip”



  • Perfect for balancing a thinner upper lip.
  • Temporary and lasts 8-12 weeks.
  • Ideal for those wary of adding extra volume to their lips.


  • Doesn’t add actual volume.
  • Effects are less enduring compared to dermal fillers.
  • Can’t address existing wrinkles or fine lines.

Pros and Cons of “Lip Filler”


  • Long-lasting results, up to 24 months.
  • Immediate volume addition.
  • Capable of smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.


  • May require periodic top-ups.
  • Initial cost can be higher, although it’s often more cost-effective in the long term.
  • Possible short-term swelling or bruising.
Can You Combine Both Treatments?

Absolutely. At Luxe Appearance, we often perform both treatments together depending on the desired outcome.

Trust Luxe Appearance for Your Lip Transformation

Whether it’s Botox®, Dyspot®, or dermal fillers, Luxe Appearance offers top-tier treatments to erase fine lines and boost volume in various areas of the face. Trust only qualified professionals for your aesthetic journey.

Your Next Steps

Free Consultation: Come in and share your dream lip vision with us.
Personalized Treatment Plan: After discussing your goals, we’ll outline the best approach for you.
Achieve Your Dream Lips: Once you’re ready, we’ll proceed with the treatment, ensuring you’re comfortable every step of the way.
So, now that you have this comprehensive guide, why wait? Book your free consultation at Luxe Appearance today and take the first step toward achieving the lips of your dreams!

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