Dermal fillers can alleviate resting angry face

What do you do if your face looks angry all the time? It’s a real problem that robs people of confidence and the ability to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, a permanently furrowed brow line and marionette lines near the mouth can create the illusion of an angry expression. This can be especially frustrating if people are constantly misreading your facial cues! Many people turn to dermal fillers to soften their expressions. Yes, there is a way to fix resting angry face without surgery!

Why does my face look angry all the time? Can it be fixed?

This is a common problem among people seeking dermal fillers. There are multiple reasons behind why some people have a naturally angry expression. Many people find that they only have an issue with looking angry once they reach a certain age. This has to do with the drastic drop in collagen production that begins at around the age of 25. Additionally, we lose volume as fat pads and muscles in our face lose mass with age. Of course, the gradual appearance of new lines, wrinkles, shadows and valleys in our skin also contributes to an angry look. What can be especially frustrating is when a person who has always enjoyed their serious or regal expression begins to notice “hardness” is setting in.

Something that makes matters worse is that makeup does little to help the problem of resting angry face. In fact, wearing any type of eyeliner or mascara that creates shadows near the eyes can actually cause a person to look even angrier. Lipsticks and glosses can accentuate the lines and creases in and around the mouth. Even concealers that are meant to have an illuminating effect around the eyes can settle into creases to accentuate an angry expression.

There’s hope. Resting angry face can be addressed with strategic dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are effective at creating a lighter, happier expression across the face by easing up some intensity created by lines and creases around the eyes and mouth.

How are dermal fillers used to erase an angry expression?

A permanent “angry” expression typically originates in the eyes. Years of squinting or furrowing your brows when thinking or staring at screens can leave your face in a permanent state of “anger.” You may find that you have a permanent scowl on your face regardless of your actual mood or expression. Fortunately, the softening effect of dermal fillers can eliminate the furrowed look. Fillers injected along the brow line can relax your brows to eliminate those tell tale frown lines that stand out just above your nose. Additionally, fillers can be used at the temples and cheeks to create balance with your newly lifted brow line. It’s always important to factor in how correcting or smoothing one area of the face will impact the overall balance of your features.

Sagging, drooping and lines at the mouth can also make us appear angry all the time. It’s common for the corners of the mouth to turn down as we age. This can happen to anyone. However, things like smoking, chewing and frequent facial expressions can actually worsen drooping at the sides of the mouth. A filler injection can help to plump and soften lines and indentations. Some people actually use this opportunity to also plump their lips. Fuller lips can help to reduce the angry or clenched look that is sometimes created by thin lips. In fact, it can appear that you are intentionally tensing your mouth once lips have lost volume naturally due to ageing.

The importance of smoothness and softness

During any Dermal Filler procedure, it is important for the injector to assess the three major elements of the face, the Foundation – mid face region which includes the four aspects of the cheek, the Contours of the face, which includes the temples, jawline and chin and lastly but not least, the finishing touches of the lower face, including the lips, marionette lines, neck and nasolabial folds.

Using dermal fillers to look less angry isn’t simply about “adjusting” features to appear more positive. We’re really looking at a full-face effort that creates a more relaxed, healthy look. Smoothing out lines that create an angry expression is certainly important. However, the best results are seen when the focus is placed on creating a smooth, contoured look. It may seem like your eyes are the root cause of your “angry” look. However, integrating fuller, more voluminous cheeks can also help to uplift your expression.

One of the benefits of using a filler like Juvéderm is that it contains something called hyaluronic acid. Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid naturally. It is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and soft. Its placement in dermal fillers helps to nourish the skin to create a very radiant look that accompanies newly built volume and contours.

Will an angry expression come back after dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers do not last forever. However, they provide consistent relief from “resting angry face” for long periods of time. Many people who are satisfied with their results simply use maintenance injections to keep the softer, happier expressions they’re able to achieve through fillers. It’s also possible to tweak your results if you find that merely addressing lines around the eyes or mouth isn’t enough to create the relaxed, jovial expression you’d like to wear all the time.

Let your real personality shine using dermal fillers

One of the big concerns that people have about using dermal fillers to get rid of permanent angry face is that they won’t look like themselves when it’s done. However, what we generally see is that people are thrilled to finally look like themselves again once injections are in place! That’s because people with “angry” features have been forced to see a version in the mirror that is trapped beneath scowling, scrunched skin. Smoothing and contouring facial features can reintroduce you to a younger, more optimistic version of yourself that you didn’t even realize had disappeared over the years!

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team.

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