Dermal Filler and DMK Enzyme Therapy to make your skin younger

Why combine Dermal Filler and DMK Enzyme Therapy?

At Luxe Appearance, we combine Dermal Fillers and Enzyme Therapy together to help create the best version of you! Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of using both treatments.

Dermal Filler is typically used to replace volume that is lost in your face as you age, to soften wrinkles and enhance lips. Combining filler with DMK Enzyme Therapy provides several major benefits for your skin. Firstly, it extends the life of the filler and the DMK treatment also hydrates your skin. This means you can achieve a more flawless, youthful and smoother looking complexion. And the best thing is, it typically gives instant results.

What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal Filler is a gel that is made of Hyaluronic Acid, different types provide different results and are used in different areas of the face. The filler products we use have anesthetic in it that assists in reducing discomfort. Results from different fillers can last from six months through to two years.

Where can Dermal Filler be used?

You can use it for:

  • Temples, to fill the hollowing and lift the brow
  • Cheeks, to add volume to sunken areas and add definition
  • Jawline, to soften or sharpen
    Mouth, to plump, hydrate, and smooth lines
  • Area around mouth, to fill hollowing below mouth, soften lines
  • Chin, fill hollowing, add shape and projection
  • Folds around nose, to lift and soften.
What is DMK Enzyme Therapy?

DMK’s Enzyme Therapy works deep within the skin to give you noticeable improvements and a rejuvenated complexion. The treatment is designed to unclog pores, dissolve dead cells and impurities trapped within your skin. Furthermore, it restores oxygen, hydration and vital cellular nutrition.

Are you ready to talk about the best version of yourself?

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team.

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what works for you. 

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