How dermal fillers can strategically make you look less tired

People often seek cosmetic procedures because they want to appear more rested and refreshed. Unfortunately, the loss of volume in the face that occurs naturally over time can cause features to appear drawn and tired. Many people feel as though they are permanently wearing the look of a “bad mood” on their face once structural changes and signs of ageing begin to show up. Lines and creases around the eyes create a look of permanent tiredness. In addition, a general heaviness in the under-eye area is something that many people have trouble getting rid of with tools like concealer, cooling creams and skin-brightening moisturizers. Even getting proper amounts of sleep each night and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are often not enough to undo the “tired” appearance that creeps in with ageing.

Why does skin look tired even when we don’t feel tired?

The causes behind why a person’s face and skin might appear tired are plentiful. Yes, lifestyle could certainly play a role. Long hours at work, sun exposure and smoking could all contribute to why skin loses its freshness. However, factors like age and genetics could be behind why even a person who hydrates religiously and gets enough sleep each night is unhappy with the turn their appearance is taking.

Much of skin’s “tired” appearance has to do with a loss of volume. Most people begin to produce less collagen at some point in their 20s. The loss of volume and fat from under the skin is what creates that “sunken” appearance that causes faces to seem very tired or hostile. That “sudden” tired appearance is the result of years or decades of collagen loss. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not allow our bodies to spontaneously ramp up collagen production once the slowdown has been triggered.

Can anything be done to fix a tired appearance?

For some, cosmetic surgery is the solution for getting rid of the “tired” aura that makes them so unsatisfied when they look in the mirror. It’s important to understand that an invasive procedure like a face-lift comes with significant recovery time. In addition, factors like cost and risk make this an undesirable choice for many.

Why dermal fillers are attractive for people seeking noninvasive interventions

Dermal fillers reduce a tired appearance in a number of ways. The primary advantage of dermal fillers is that they can be administered directly to the “problem area” to smooth out fine lines around the eyes. In fact, the entire under-eye area will often suddenly look lighter and smoother after dermal injections. The full method for naturally “lifting” the eyes using dermal fillers actually addresses the areas below and above the full eye. Fillers can be used to lift and project the eyebrows to create a look of alertness. The effect is that the “furrowing” look that makes many people appear angry, tired or sad is actually softened back to a neutral or wakeful expression.

During any Dermal Filler procedure, it is important for the injector to assess the three major elements of the face, the Foundation – midface region which includes the four aspects of the cheek, the Contours of the face, which includes the temples, jawline and chin and lastly but not least, the Finishing touches of the lower face, including the lips, marionette lines, neck and nasolabial folds.

Dermal fillers are also used to relieve a look of tiredness outside of the direct eye area. They are particularly effective for “plumping” the cheek area to get rid of the drawn look that often makes people look unwell. The full anti-tiredness regiment for dermal fillers also includes the temples, jawline, nasolabial fold, chin and lips. Dermal fillers also enhance overall skin quality and hydration. Most people have a hard time putting their finger on what exactly looks different after fillers. All they can see is that their skin and likeness look more like they did years ago.

What exactly happens when you get fillers for tiredness?

Most people consider Juvederm to be the most effective filler when addressing a tired appearance. Boletero and Restylane can also be effective for addressing the sagging and loss of volume that contribute to a tired look. All three of these FDA-approved injectable products use something called hyaluronic acid to restore volume and create smoothness. Hyaluronic acid is also very effective at “sculpting” features in a way that is similar to a face-lift. For instance, sunken or hollow cheeks may look plumper and more defined following injections. Many creams and beauty products now use hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. While some people may like the benefits offered by such products, topical application simply cannot achieve the same results as injectables. What is more, most creams that list hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient can only offer subtle benefits over the course of extended use. That means that the small benefits that do occur may take weeks or months to be noticeable. By contrast, dermal fillers provide very instant and noticeable results. This is owed to the fact that fillers are injected directly under the skin into your soft tissue.

How long does the refreshed look last following fillers?

During any Dermal Filler procedure, it is important for the injector to assess the three major elements of the face, the Foundation – midface region which includes the four aspects of the cheek, the Contours of the face, which includes the temples, jawline and chin and lastly but not least, the Finishing touches of the lower face, including the lips, marionette lines, and Nasolabial folds.

The majority of people enjoy consistent and noticeable results for six to 18 months following treatments with dermal fillers. The specifics of treatment, type of filler used and injection areas all contribute to the specific longevity of any results. Each procedure typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour. It’s not uncommon for people to experience slight swelling and bruising that resolve very quickly. Most people get the results they want in one session. However, it is possible to tweak your results over the course of several sessions.

Will dermal fillers help to make you look less tired?

Anyone who is concerned about appearing tired should consider using dermal fillers. This relatively low-cost, low-risk option can make a person look more rested, vibrant and refreshed by uplifting facial features.

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team.

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