Super Boost C

You love vitamin C because it supports immunity, energy, collagen production, hormone balance and aches and pains, right? Well, research shows that when you pair vitamin C with bioflavonoids you get all that support x 2. BePure SuperBoost C combines vitamin C with bioflavonoids that recycle the vitamin C electron, essentially providing you with double the vitamin C. This is what puts the ‘Super Boost’ in BePure Super Boost C.

Due to natural variation of the natural ingredients in the formulation, i.e. citrus bioflavonoids and natural orange flavour, the colour and flavour of Super Boost C can vary slightly batch to batch.



BePure SuperBoost C is an easily absorbed, delicious tasting powder, formulated to provide your body with a top-quality, high strength dose of vitamin C.



Immune system health
Cellular Health
Growth of bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails
Boosts production of collagen
Aches and pains
Hormone production


BePure Super Boost C can be combined with any other BePure products but it is most effective when combined with the Everyday Health Pack. During times of increased stress to the body and immune system it is also recommended to combined with BePure Zinc Restore and BePure Adrenal Regenerator.


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