LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Fight Acne And The Signs Of Ageing

LED Light Therapy helps fight acne and the signs of ageing. It leaves you with a clearer, more glowing complexion.

The LED light sends lightwaves deep into the skin to trigger natural cellular reactions. For instance, red light works by building, strengthening and maximising cellular structure at the same time as also reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Whereas the blue light stimulates the production of oxygen which helps kill acne bacteria without damaging the skin.

LED Light is painless and creates a warming feeling which most clients find relaxing. The treatment lasts between 15-30 minutes and there is no downtime post treatment.

The frequency and amount of treatments required depends on your skin’s condition.

LED Light Skin Treatments Auckland

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Please advise staff if you are unwell, have any allergies or are taking any medication.  Please also be advised that there is a 48 hour cancellation policy which is non refundable, this is half the payment for the service that you have booked for.  If you have booked and no show your appointment then you will be charge 100% of your appointment fee.

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