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Want to look less tired?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Most of us look in the mirror each day, and we notice things that bother us about our face.   Often we do not know where to start in order to maintain or fix the things that bother us.

Instead of treating just areas,  at Luxe Body we ask our clients to identify what they are looking to achieve in identifying with key phrases listed below.  These formulations are based on Dr. de Maio tried, tested and proven tools to help our clients achieve their goals.  

Want to look less tired

I want to look less TIRED:

Looking tired normally results from loss of volume to our mid cheek and under our eye which happens over time with ageing and due to genetics.

Quite often clinics will use filler to treat just under the eye, however this approach does not take the entire face into consideration.  More often than not there is loss of volume from the fat pads in the upper cheek and in the cheek area just under the eye bag as well as the eyebag that make us look tired.  Treating the cheek in conjunction with the eye, results in a more fresh face look and long term provides a better result than just treating the eye back in isolation.

In addition to adding volume to an area that has lost volume, anti-wrinkle injections around eyes, can smooth out lines and open the eye up as well.  Using both Dermal Filler and Botox in conjunction with each other, helps clients to achieve a less tired look and a more long term result.   This in turn helps clients to look and feel more attractive.

What happens after your consult?

At Luxe Appearance we treat these areas in stages, we plan what you want to achieve over the course of few months, and book in times with you to achieve each stage.  We like a planned approach at Luxe Body as helps our clients to adjust to their new refreshed look in stages rather than all at once.

What is the downtime?

There is minimal downtime in achieving the results especially with a planned approach, you can typically return to work the same day or the next.

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