8 Point Lip Lift – Learn what it means and how it helps facial symmetry

You’ve heard about it, but your not sure what it all means? A smile can say a thousand words and fuller lips are considered youthful and beautiful. Lips are an essential component of aesthetics and facial symmetry and studies have shown that wider and fuller lips are a mark of female attractiveness.

As we begin to age the lips lose their natural volume, lips become thinner, small vertical creases can form (vertical creases are aggravated by smoking). This, in turn, flattens the upper lip below the nose, the primary cause though is loss of volume in the upper lip. In addition, fine lines develop around the lips through aging, heredity, and lifestyle factors.

As a result, unfortunately, there is a flattening of the cupid’s bow in the upper lip. In addition, bone loss due to changes in the mouth and teeth can also impact the appearance of the lips. Therefore, they become less defined and the mouth can droop at the corners.

Soft fillers define, create subtle enhancements or a sensuous pout by improving the lips hydration system. This results in natural fullness, symmetry, and well-defined lips.

What are the eight points in the 8 Point Lip Lift?

The eight points in the 8 Point Lip Lift refer to the eight different parts of the lips.

The first of these is the vermillion body. This the front part of the lips near the cupid’s bow, it helps to form the cupid’s bow. Next, there is the lip border, which gives structure to the line or lip border and indirectly it can decrease perioral lines, which are the lines that form around the mouth due to age, lifestyle, or heredity.

The next two parts form the fullness of lips, these are called tubercles, there are the middle tubercle and the lateral tubercles. In basic terms, this is the middle half of your pout and the other is the sides of your lips. Dermal filler in these parts provides projection or fullness to these areas, both in the top part of the lip or the lower half of the lip.

Finally, the last three parts are the oral commissures, philtrum column, and perioral lines. Essentially the oral commissures are the corners of the mouth. By adding dermal filler into this area you lift and correct the downturn at the corner of the mouth.

The philtrum column or ridge defines the cupids bow and accentuates the top of the mouth. Sometimes these need the addition of filler to make them more defined, it also adds more structure to the top part of the lip.

Last but not least are the perioral lines. These are the vertical lines that frame both the top and bottom of the lip. Often these lines are the most bothersome. As a result, the application of dermal filler to these lines brings great satisfaction because it softens them and makes them virtually invisible.

How much is enough?

The key point to remember here is that 1ml of dermal filler only equates to 1/5 of a teaspoon. Typically, and to achieve a good result with an 8 point lift, 1ml is used. The volume used, is also dependent on what volume has been lost due to aging. If there is a desire to have larger lips then more filler is often required. At Luxe Body, we like to provide our clients with a look that is as natural as possible. The products that we typically use are Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volift, and Boletero Balance.

What is the process?

At Luxe Appearance we take you through a series of steps to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Step 1:

The consultation is a vital element of the process. It gives us time to discuss your desired outcome and what we can realistically achieve. It is the time when we discuss dermal filler options, costs, and risks as well. Once we have agreed on the desired achievable outcome, we move through to the procedure. This can be done separately or together with the consultation.

Step 2:

The procedure itself is a simple process, we start with a consent process wherein we revise everything that we have gone through in the consultation process. We numb the lip area to ensure you are as comfortable, this takes around 10-15 minutes. Once you are numb, we remove the residual cream and clean the lips. Once you are ready, we start the process of carefully injecting the dermal filler into the lips to achieve the agreed result. This can take anywhere from 5-20minutes. During this time we use ice to reduce the possibility of bruising. Once the injecting is complete, we apply a nourishing lip cream. Post care instructions are provided before you go home.

Step 3:

We touch base with you on Day 1 and Day 4 via text to ensure everything is going as planned.

Step 4:

Day 10 is a follow-up appointment to ensure everything looks the way it should, it is time we can also address any questions you may have.

8 Point Lift Lip

We have many options to suit the wants and needs of different people. We assess what you need and what look works for you. 

We hope this answers some of your questions, and if you do have any more questions, please contact our team using the button below.

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