The best non-surgical way to achieve a defined jawline

Definition is something that everyone wants to see in their face when they look in the mirror. A defined, contoured jawline creates a youthful, crisp appearance that sharpens the rest of our features. Unfortunately, common factors like weight gain, weight fluctuations and aging can chip away at jawline definition to create what looks like a blurred, undefined profile. This is why the growing popularity of a clinically proven injectable for creating a defined jawline is so exciting for anyone who is unhappy with their jaw profile.

No, exercise and fitness can’t give you the jawline you want

Most people who are interested in having a firm, “cut” look will focus on specific areas of their bodies in the gym to build up strength and muscles. Unfortunately, there’s no “workout” for a jawline that has become loose or undefined. This is why many people seek out an injectable called Belkyra to create a stronger jaw profile. This is a noninvasive, simple treatment to consider when seeking a cosmetic option for a defined, sleek jaw.

Why Belkyra is the #1 option for getting a firm jawline

Belkyra is an injectable treatment that permanently destroys the fat cells tucked under the chin. More specifically, it is designed to eliminate the padding that you see under the chin and around the neck called submental fat. Known as the double chin, submental fat affects people of all ages, weights and genders. Ageing and genetics are the two big factors that contribute to the double chin. Even a very fit, active person can still have a chin/jaw region that doesn’t create that streamlined, defined look that they desire. General exercise and diet can be great for all-around weight loss and firming. However, the beauty of Belkyra is that it offers an ultra-targeted treatment that is injected directly into the chin and jawline to create spot-based results. Belkyra is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of submental fullness or double chin! We’re really looking at a very sleek “transformation” that impacts the presentation of the entire lower portion of the face when Belkyra injectables are used.

For decades, people have generally been left without any options for addressing undefined or “padded” jawlines using a precise, effective “spot-based” approach. Liposuction has been commonly used to target fat around the chin and jaw with success. However, many patients understandably wish to avoid a treatment that is invasive at that level. The other advantage of an injectable over something like liposuction for jaw definition is that there’s essentially zero downtime required. That means that Belkyra can be lumped in as a “lunch break” treatment along with other low-impact, high-results injectables like Botox and JUVÉDERM.

The science of Belkyra

Belkyra sculpts the jawline by targeting and eliminating the fat that is found under the chin. Once injected, the synthesized deoxycholic acid contained within Belkyra breaks down the fat cells that are concentrated in the targeted injection area. The body then absorbs and excretes the fat during a natural, gradual process. The fat cells that are destroyed by Belkyra can no longer store or accumulate fat. As a result, patients do not need further treatment once they’ve reached their desired results. This makes Belkyra the top long-term treatment option for anyone looking to create a streamlined jaw profile.

While the deoxycholic acid used in Belkyra is synthetic, deoxycholic acid is something that is actually found naturally in the body. Our bodies use deoxycholic acid when digesting and absorbing the fats we consume. That means that Belkyra essentially uses an enhanced version of our body’s natural biological processes to rid our body’s of targeted fat found specifically at the chin and jaw.

What to expect when getting a Belkyra treatment

If you’ve ever had injectables before, your Belkyra session will feel very familiar. This is a very gentle, hassle-free treatment that is done in the office. Each session typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Generally, a detailed consultation discussing your goals and expectations should be conducted prior to treatment.

Your injection sites will be marked on the day of your Belkyra treatment. Each site is chosen carefully to ensure optimal results. It’s important that custom injection sites are chosen for each patient’s chin and jawline to create personalized results based on personalized features and anatomy. While most patients report little to no discomfort during Belkyra, numbing cream is typically applied to ensure maximum comfort.

It is not uncommon for Belkyra to be injected multiple times into very precise, targeted areas during treatment. Typically, treatments are spaced out over a period spanning four to six weeks to help patients achieve their desired results with room for assessment. It’s also important to make sure that all sessions are done within roughly a one-month window to create the most effective treatment possible. The specific number of treatments needed to achieve desired results can vary by patient. For instance, a patient with a more notable double chin or particularly ill-defined jawline may require a more thorough treatment approach than someone who is simply looking for a subtle “touch-up” treatment. It’s possible for some patients to require up to 50 injections for optimal results.

Most patients who have Belkyra injections will begin to notice results like a more defined jawline after just two to three treatments. In fact, some patients only require two treatment sessions to see their full desired results. The maximum recommended treatment regiment for Belkyra is six sessions.

Does Belkyra have side effects?

It is possible to experience side effects with Belkyra. Generally, side effects are very mild if they do occur. The most common side effects of Belkyra include redness, pain, tingling, numbness, swelling and bruising. Patients commonly experience swelling in the area under the chin as the body creates an inflammation response while fat cells are being eliminated. It’s not uncommon for this very natural response to last for a few days. Most patients find that they are able to return to work and resume their full, normal schedules within 24 hours of undergoing a Belkyra treatment. It is also possible that more serious issues like hardness around the injection site or high blood pressure could occur. You’ll be instructed to seek medical attention if any painful or serious side effects do occur.

How long does Belkyra last?

One of the most exciting things about this clinically proven injectable is that it delivers long-term results. It is not expected that patients will need re-treatment once they complete their injection schedules to get the results they desire. Belkyra results are maintained for up to four years following treatment. This makes it an especially convenient, maintenance-free option for people looking for long-term results for eliminating double chins and firming up jawlines.

It all begins with a consultation

At Luxe Appearance, we strive to help our patients find the treatment options that allow them to meet their aesthetic goals. As the #1 way to achieve a defined jawline, Belkyra may be an ideal treatment option for you. It’s so important to have a consultation with a qualified professional if you are considering this prescription-only medication to treat an undefined jaw or double chin because certain factors can impact how safe and effective it can be for specific patients!

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